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четверг, 22 февраля 2018 г.
RE: [great] love-a baechu 16:38:14


очень неожиданно лили, но мне очень приятно, спасибо :3
RE: [great] love-a defsoul 15:01:52
мы почти не знакомы,
но я надеюсь, что хоть какая - то прелесть придет тебе
в голову в качестве ассоциации со мной :-[­ :^)­
RE: [great] love-a s. uchihа 13:04:42

ч у в с т в у е м | л у н о й


do you have . . .
­­­­­­­­. . . anyone special in you life?

I want to protect the person important to me.
I want to work for that person.
I want to fight for that person.
I want to make that person's dream come true…

­­ ­­

­­­­ ­­
­­­­ ­­
_______________. . .THAT IS MY DREAM. . ._______________

Can you understand? Not having a dream… not being needed by anyone. The pain of merely being alive.
I realised the most painful thing. That in this world… my existence was not needed.
I live only for him. He became the meaning of my life, he saved me from loneliness and pain,
he became the reason why I want to live. If you have someone whom you love and want to protect
from all misfortunes, do everything possible to make your words come true.

RE: [great] love-a Алексия Годфри 11:54:08
Бож, тоже хочу **
среда, 21 февраля 2018 г.
RE: [great] love-a Caped Crusader 23:02:00
Ещё актуально, надеюсь?
RE: [great] love-a mrcle . 21:30:19

любите ближе ;

мм.. интересно, однако. с этим персонажем не знакома
спасибо оливка
RE: [great] love-a s. uchihа 17:37:44

ч у в с т в у е м | л у н о й

«You are too unserious about life, you are too emotional and too lazy» and blablabla . . .
Stop wasting my time on empty talk, I have much more important things to do. For example, disconnect the Sasuke and Karin. A wonderful occupation.

RE: [great] love-a дзёси икита . 07:47:54

e'ya razrush­ost

jeez . . .

пробрало, хотя вижу персонажа впервые

may the pain be with us till death

RE: [great] love-a LOlitka Gamui 03:24:17
О ма гад, это до безумия красиво ** каждая подборка чистая эстетика **

Спасибо большое))
вторник, 20 февраля 2018 г.
RE: [great] love-a s. uchihа 23:33:04

ч у в с т в у е м | л у н о й

You think you're the only ones who matter. You think you can put off death. But that peace made you foolish and thoughtless. If you kill someone,
someone else will kill you… this hatred binds us together. I want you to feel pain, to think about pain, to accept pain, to know pain.
And as long as there are people, there will be hatred. On this damned land, the real world is impossible.

­­ ­­ ­­

I'm all soaked in pain and hate. You don`t change me, just like you don`t change this world. Humble yourself. Just humble yourself.
Live with this pain in your chest, scream from overwhelming hatred and rage. Because in another way it can`t be any other way.
It`s difficult to understand, but . . .
it`s ­­t r u t h

RE: [great] love-a s. uchihа 22:26:15

ч у в с т в у е м | л у н о й


Yahiko and Nagato's will hasn't vanished from this world!
­­­­­­ I believe in Naruto too!
He… He will become
­­­­the bridge
that leads us to peace and
­­­­I will be a support holding the bridge up!

­­ ­­­­
­­ ­­­­
This time… I hope for you these will­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­be flowers of hope that never die.
RE: [great] love-a не твоя эстетика 21:33:24

серый волк носил под серой шкурой

:-*­ :-*­ :-*­
RE: [great] love-a 56789оолд 19:47:30
мой первый ник на беоне был УЧИХА МАДАРА АКА ТОБИ АКА ОБИТО
RE: [great] love-a disgustd 18:28:04

the matrix has you

I built a wall between us with my own hands, I just didn`t want to drag you into all this.
максимально больно, потому что по неопределенным причинам я ощущаю это между нами

еще и интерлюд играет из микстейпа
спасибо, бичара
твоя ассоциация тронула мое гнилое сердечко

так уж и быть
ебашь парники с этими мудаками
считай развел
RE: [great] love-a s. uchihа 17:15:47

ч у в с т в у е м | л у н о й


I'm lost in lies. I've always lied to you, in the hope that you will forgive me. I built a wall between us
with my own hands, I just didn`t want to drag you into all this. But now I think, maybe you could change our
parents and our clan. If I had considered you from the very beginning, I would have risen in your place and told
you the truth. But time will not turn, my words will never reach your heart. And so this time I will say something
that is really important. And if you can`t ­forgive me, don`t...

­­ ­­ ­­

We are unusual brothers. And we must stay together so that you can become much stronger, even if you hate me.

This means being an older brother.


RE: [great] love-a Soya Jones 07:27:44

— Barreau­; Jones; — [SHIZA project­]

Это так великолепно, я сижу и не могу наглядеться. Большое вам спасибо за ассоциацию!
Прекрасно и трогательно! тт
RE: [great] love-a Маrilyn 01:01:51
 спасибо большое~
понедельник, 19 февраля 2018 г.
RE: [great] love-a s. uchihа 22:29:55

ч у в с т в у е м | л у н о й


­­The world
­­­­in which we live
­­­­­­is imbued with falsehood.


I just wanted to be recognized ...by somebody. Did I really want a lot?
Everyone I loved
­­­­D I E D.
And I could not stop it. I'm just trying to become stronger, so that one day I interrupt this series of deaths.
[ Some ]­­people shouldn't die.

You, all of you is so easy to say what I can do and what I can not! You do not know anything about me. Do not meddle in your own business!
­­ ­­
RE: [great] love-a s. uchihа 21:52:57

ч у в с т в у е м | л у н о й

I will always look after you. Forgive me for this pain and don`t blame yourself. I l o v e both of you. Kakashi | Obito.
I chose this way ... And I'm so sorry that saving the lives of many people, I found your lives in hell.

­­ ­­

You were always so stupid when it came to feelings. You should have realized that you can`t be selfish. But, apparently, you need to push it.
RE: [great] love-a n. uzumаki 16:55:06


­­Визжу так же яро, как и в голосовых. ­­ЖГИ!

Наруто оплатит растраты на бензин, возвращая тебя на бульдозере обратно в Коноху с деревни скрытого бомжества, за сие ассоциацию.
Спасибо большое. <\3

RE: [great] love-a Jessy Gamui 16:10:53
оо,Сай,прям неожиданно
спасибо большое**

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